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Alchemist Tribe

Money Manifestation Box

Money Manifestation Box

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Our Money Manifestation Ritual box can be used for manifesting a better financial situation, quick cash, or good luck and fortune!  You can totally use the items in the box however you please.  The items in the box are as follows:

1. Money Candle - This candle has been saged and made during a blessing ritual with intent, which will bring forth good luck and pure desirable love for whoever so burns it.  If you look closely while the candle burns, you can see shimmers of gold shavings that have been infused into the candle to enhance its magic.  You will notice that there's no container around the candle, which allows you to carve your intent, message, or symbol onto the bottom of it.  There's a very subtle scent of "Deadly Attraction Oil" infused as well which is pleasing to your spirit guides.

2. Ancestor Money - To be burned with the flame from the candle. 

3. Incense Cones

4. Hand-Rolled Incense Sticks

5. Crystal

6. Sage 

When you receive the box, you will see a QR code.  Scan it to see the instructions on how to use the items for your money manifestation ritual!

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