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7 Chakra Energy Reading

7 Chakra Energy Reading

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Offered by email

  • Email will contain pictures of reading and a well written, detailed report.
  • Please include: Your Name and Question (This spread does not require a specific question. If you don't have one, no worries, the cards will lay out general insight.)
  • (Optional) You may also provide: Your birthday and/or sun, moon, and rising zodiac signs, a short description of your current situation, mindset, feelings, emotions, and any other details you want to include for a more personalized approach to your reading. You can email this info to 

One card will be drawn for each of the seven chakras to determine active and dormant energies residing within that specific energy center. The chakras are meant to be open and swirling with prana (life force), flowing in and out with one another maintaining a divine collaboration for alignment and homeostasis within your being. This tarot spread will help define the stories being told and the emotions stored to aid a release and reopening of your channels. Each chakra will also include a yoga pose creating a seven pose yoga sequence curated by me, a certified yoga teacher, accompanied with a "power" mudra (a symbolic hand gesture that creates an energy circuit) to practice while in meditation, to help facilitate a mindful practice in context to your energy reading.

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