Tribe Partners

You have proven to be a loyal Tribe Member by being a repeat customer, and I want to partner with you while showing my appreciation!

Imagine purchasing a tarot card reading, manifestation ritual box, candles, crystals, or anything on the website, for free?! Well, it's possible - I welcome you to become an affiliate Alchemist Tribe Member!

If you enjoyed my products/services, feel free to share, and tell your friends about Alchemist Tribe - no pressure! For every $1 your referrals spend, I will add $ 0.25 to your personal store gift card. So for example, if a customer spends $50 (average order), you get $12.50 for free! Your virtual card will never expire, and money will keep building with every referral.

All your referrals will need to do, is be sure to place your first and last name in the note section on their cart each time they make a purchase, and clearly state that you referred them, and voila! On your first referral, we will create your gift card and begin adding money.

Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for being a loyal customer and Tribe Member. Ase.

So you know who you'r partnering with, here's a little info about me!




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