Money Manifestation Box Instructions

I know you're excited about manifesting 💰! Here are the recommended ritual instructions for your box:

1. Open the box by carefully cutting through the white sticker.✂️

2. Grab the White Sage (looks light grey) and your personal lighter or match. Carefully light the sage, blow out the flame, and allow the smoke to cleanse the entire box. Simply wave the sage around the box and think positive intentions about 💵.

3. Light either incense of your choice. You don't have to burn them all now, save some for later to simply make the house smell good 😊.

4. Light your Candle🕯️. Be sure to place it on top of aluminum foil, or any fire resistant surface. Practice fire safety and never leave burning candles unsupervised.

5. Now the important part, write your intentions on a sheet of paper! Example: How much money do you want to manifest? New House? New Career? Write it down and sign your name at the bottom📝. Write as if you already have the money and are using it for a specific purpose.  Fold the paper inward towards you and put it in a safe place. This is writing the Universe a petition.

6. Grab the Ancestor Money and burn it in the flame from the candle. This is an offering to your spirit guides. While it burns, imagine experiencing having what you wrote your petition about.  It's important to feel the happiness it will bring.  This is also called the Law of Attraction.

7. Finally, grab the raw crystal and keep it on you at all times, at least until your petition manifests!

Be sure to come back and let us know if it works!