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Empath Quiz



CLICK HERE to be directed to the quiz.  After receiving your results, look below to see how empathic you may be.  Remember, being an Empath is a *superpower* not a curse.

Find and Review Your Score Below: 


This is a very low score, and that is ok.  Not everyone is an Empath, but everyone has some Empathic traits.  This score is telling you that you may not fully aware of your feelings, or you actively suppress them (consciously or subconsciously).  This could mean that either you are not an Empath or because of your immediate environment, you have been trained to suppress your feminine energy and overindulge in your masculine energy.  Each person should have a good balance of both energies.  You may have been taught to turn off your feelings when you were growing up in order to fit into those social norms.  You may have the desire to develop your intuition, which is why you took this quiz.  You have many trapped emotions due to past trauma with no conscious awareness or no memory of them.    You can use our guided journal to help you tune more into those empathic traits.  Include it into your morning routine, or night routine, briefly writing and answering the questions before bedtime.  If you want a deeper more personal analysis, email


Your level of intuitive abilities is just below the surface of your awareness.  You are capable of managing your emotions, but you are not fully in touch with your feelings.  You have gut feelings (intuition) that try to guide you in life, but you often are confused and don't follow that innate guidance.  You know that emotionally you are compromised and don't know how to gain that inner balance.  This journal and other tools may help you.  You are subject to energy vampires and you may not know it.  Tools like this journal or meditation will help you. 


You are highly sensitive and empathic.  You use your intuition often and feel good about your abilities.  You get overwhelmed by other people's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  You have a very hard time knowing which feelings and thoughts come from you and which come from others.  You need to learn how to release energy and emotions from others that you may be holding.  Your emotions run your life and you feel constantly up and down.  You know that you have trapped emotions.  If you go back and look at your past, you can identify traumatic events that have defined your life and personality.  You are absolutely subjected to energy vampires.  You need to begin learning about cleansing your energy, setting boundaries, cleaning your space, smudging, meditating, or journaling.  We recommend beginning with journaling.


You are a natural Empath and your energy field is very open to the energies of others.  You are the most vulnerable of the empath community.  Energy vampires see you for emotional dumping, and that's ok.  Your role is to master the alchemical process of clearing someone else's emotional or negative energy, and then release it so you can continue to help others.  You are an Alchemist.  This journal and other tools are needed for you to protect your energy and remain focused on your light work.  Your score is extremely high.  This may cause you to feel overly exhausted and overwhelmed.  It is very important for you to spend time and effort in working on clearing your energy field frequently during the day.  Learning how to keep your energy clean from other people will be very beneficial for your well-being and purpose on earth.  You are constantly bombarded by people's emotional ups and downs.  You are most likely and channel of healing energy, a medium, and a highly sensitive person.  Not to mention you absolutely love animals!  Our journal "Empath: Release and Recharge," coupled with meditation and smudging of your home will help you protect yourself.  


By taking the below quiz, you agree to receive email updates on what the Tribe is doing. We promise we aren't overbearing :)

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