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"Alchemist Tribe is meant to be a safe place for the ‚ÄúTribe‚ÄĚ to come to share and find teachings, experiences, ideas, spiritual practices, and warrior tools amongst each other. An alchemist is one who has mastered the art of alchemy, in regards to their reality / life. So, the tribe is made up of people who create their own reality, manifest their dreams, are the masters of their own fate, and the captains of their own soul. We are light warriors. ‚ÄúAs above, so below.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúWhatever a man thinks, so is he.‚ÄĚ We use practices (such as mediumship, meditation, and rituals) and tools (such as crystals, herbs, and candles) to create the life we deserve and desire - beginning with PEACE. This helps our collective consciousness continue to evolve and experience itself.  My vision for the Alchemist Tribe is to grow as big as it possibly can, in order to touch as many lives as it can. This will be achieved through collaboration with other spiritual Gods and Goddesses, Alchemy Gurus, Health Advocates, and Empath Warriors. The one common goal is hightening the collective consciousness of all human beings, and we can only achieve this together. We are currently in the Age of Aquarius, there is no better time!" - Shanika, Founder of Alchemist Tribe


Growing up, I always knew I could feel, see, and hear things others could not; but I completely silenced my gifts because they were ‚Äúsinful.‚ÄĚ Fast forward to now, I honor and welcome my power, and use all gifts with good intentions only - to help the Tribe elevate in their own personal journeys. I am most known for my Photo Energy Readings and Ancestor readings. I created Alchemist Tribe LLC to provide clients access to clarity, closure, and guidance from their ancestors.  Tarot is what brought me out of the ‚Äúbroom closet.‚ÄĚ With only my clients‚Äô first names, I have been able to provide accurate readings for them.  Without any formal training, and guidance from an unnamed spiritual guru, I began to meditate daily to focus on my gift of mediumship and grow it stronger. This is especially true with Photo Energy Readings. When clients send me their filter-free photos, I either connect them with an ancestor, or advise them on a current situation. My Sound Bath Guided Meditation sessions are unique healing experiences that I love to provide. I only use correctly tuned Tibetan Singing Bowls made with copper as the base to enhance the healing effects. Their frequencies are tuned to align with the 7 main Chakras. Clients ‚Äúdrown‚ÄĚ in sound vibrations that heal their Holy Trinity - Mind, Body, and Spirit.  I give honor to my late grandfather, who is the current patriarch of my spiritual journey. I can be reached at


Hello, My Name Is Star VanRoss and I‚Äôm the Creator and Founder of Gifted Candles, which is now one of the freelance partners of Alchemist Tribe! I‚Äôm 29 Years old and I‚Äôm from Chicago. As a little girl I always knew I was unique and different from my siblings and peers and I would see and hear things that just weren‚Äôt quite ‚Äúnormal,‚Äú but luckily I was never freaked out or scared the feeling was normal to me!!! A few years ago, I decided to really tap into my Spiritual Journey and investigate who was really ‚ÄúStar‚ÄĚ I later found out I was Psychic with Multiple Gifts and also being a Empath. I decided to expand my Gifts and dig into Tarot Readings and spiritual Services (Spells) for clients to really help them and give them Clarity or information that Resonated with them. However not mention to also connection with my Spirit Guide and Good Ancestors. I later found out that my 3rd Great Grandmother Elie Brown that was born in the 1900s in Mississippi had a very patchy life due slavery times also different time zones back then but no matter what she found ways to do things to make herself happy and that was making candles other than being a housewife to her large household. With me being Clairaudient (hearing beyond the afterlife), I was able to call upon her spirit for guidance to make candles to heal others. I have never met her nor knew anything about her till I found a real medium to help me connect with her and then from there I was able to connect with her just by calling upon her spirit. In conclusion Elie brown is a big inspiration to me and my family and I wanted not only me but others to know her true talent and what made her happy in her spare time and now every candle I make have a piece of my energy and Elie brown energy through the candle to make your manifestations come True!!! We are here to help. I can be reached at

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